Hearty congratulations to our Laurie Kolb...

Hearty congratulations to our Laurie Kolb for her election to the SOA Reinsurance Council. Laurie will serve for three years, beginning with the SOA Annual meeting in Nashville this fall. 

“There are a number of key issues facing the insurance and reinsurance industry today. I’m looking forward to contribute to the Reinsurance Section’s ability to stay at the forefront of these issues so that we remain a viable industry long term and meet customer needs.”

Laurie is a life actuary with 23+ years of industry experience with over 15 years at Canada Life Reinsurance. In reinsurance, Laurie has had leadership roles in the business development areas such as pricing and underwriting as well as research and development. In her current role as Chief Actuary, Laurie is responsible for U.S. statutory reserving, U.S. tax reserving and oversight of all other actuarial activities in the Reinsurance area. Laurie is keen to train and develop actuarial talent and led the actuarial program for over 10 years.